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🤪 REDUCES STRESS 🤪 May Help Balance Emotions & Reduce Anxiety

Indulge in serenity with our Peaceful Tranquility body scrub, delicately infused with the harmonious scents of Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, and Geranium essential oils. This gentle exfoliating blend invites you to unwind, calm your mind, and embrace moments of pure relaxation. Let the soothing aroma transport you to a tranquil oasis, where every scrub is a peaceful journey towards serenity and tranquility.

🌿Contains Sandalwood Essential Oil for woodsy scent that creates a sense of peace
🌼Contains Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil for a sweet and floral scent that can help reduce anxiety
💮 Contains Geranium Essential Oil to balance emotions

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The epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation! Salt Crystals Body Scrubs™’s Peaceful Tranquility body scrub grants you access to profound serenity and tranquility. Imagine a sanctuary of calm, where the soothing aroma of sandalwood intertwines with the delicate floral notes of Ylang-Ylang and Geranium. With every application, you’re transported to this tranquil haven, where time slows down, and the cares of the day melt away.

This scrub isn’t just skincare- it’s a mindful ritual that encourages you to pause, breathe, and nurture your inner peace. As you gently exfoliate your skin, the calming essence of these carefully selected essential oils envelops you, alleviating stress, soothing the spirit, and promoting a deep sense of relaxation.

Elevate your daily routine, embrace moments of serenity, and envelop yourself in the Peaceful Tranquility that only Salt Crystals Body Scrubs™ can provide. Rediscover the beauty of relaxation, one scrub at a time. 🌿🌼🍃

🐾 Cruelty Free | 🦠 Antibacterial | 🫱🏽‍🫲🏻 Kind For All Skin Types


✧ Epsom Salt
✧ Antibacterial Soap
✧ Sandalwood Essential Oil
✧ Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
✧ Geranium Essential Oil
✧ Non-staining Food Coloring*

Active Antibacterial Ingredient: Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%

*Salt Crystals Body Scrubs™ contain food coloring for colored scrubs. Color Garden® pure natural food colors are 100% plant based. Therefore, they do not stain.


🤲🏻 MASSAGE Salt Crystals Body Scrubs™ into wet skin in circular motions, focusing on dry or rough skin.

💦 RINSE thoroughly

🔄 REPEAT as desired


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