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🫶🏻 SOOTHING🫶🏻 May help heal sunburnt skin

Relive the magic of sun-kissed beach days with our ‘Aloe Me, Tenderly’ body scrub! 🌞🌊 Infused with soothing Eucalyptus Essential Oil, skin-loving Calendula Essential Oil, and the calming touch of Aloe Vera Extract, this scrub is your secret to post-sun pampering.

🔴 Contains Calendula Essential Oil to reduce redness & inflammation
🌿 Contains Eucalyptus Essential Oil to promote healing
🔆 Contains Aloe Vera for skin cooling & soothing

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Whether you’ve been building sandcastles or chasing waves, let the rejuvenating blend gently exfoliate and hydrate your sun-kissed skin. It’s the perfect way to keep those beachy memories alive and your skin refreshed. Dive into the soothing embrace of ‘Aloe Me, Tenderly’ and let the ocean vibes linger! 🏖️🛁✨

🐾 Cruelty Free | 🦠 Antibacterial | 🫱🏽‍🫲🏻 Kind For All Skin Types


✧ Epsom Salt
✧ Antibacterial Soap
✧ Calendula Essential Oil
✧ Eucalyptus Essential Oil
✧ Aloe Vera
✧ Non-staining Food Coloring

Active Antibacterial Ingredient: Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%

NOTE: Salt Crystals Body Scrubs™ contain food coloring for colored scrubs. Color Garden® pure natural food colors are 100% plant based. Therefore, they do not stain.


🤲🏻 MASSAGE Salt Crystals Body Scrubs™ into wet skin in circular motions, focusing on dry or rough skin.

💦 RINSE thoroughly

🔄 REPEAT as desired


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