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More Than Just A Good Scrub

Salt Crystals Body Scrub is the kid entrepreneur brand of Emie K. Emie’s extreme interest in chemistry and science, as well as makeup and skincare are fused in this brand.  Under the watchful eye & with the help of her mother, Anne, Emie pours her heart and soul into Salt Crystals Body Scrub – we hope you love is as much as we do! 


What’s In The Scrubs?

The salt scrubs are made with EPSOM SALT- Epsom salt is made up of magnesium sulphate which is famous for its muscle soothing benefits. Epsom salt is particularly good for people with skin conditions or those tough areas that require extra scrubbing such as knees and elbows – also AMAZING for people with itchy skin or eczema, like Emie’s sister, Zara, suffers from. All the salt scrubs are also infused with ESSENTIAL OILS – they all vary based on scent, but each have their own health benefits. For example, peppermint oil (in the Mistletoe body scrub), can help relieve IBS symptoms and tension headaches.